Lunch Time!

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Tiffany Blake had lunch all ready for Levi. But when it came time to serve him up a hot plate, he was no where to be found. She finally found him as he was cleaning up the boat. She told him that he could either finish that or come get some. And by some, she meant sex.

She grabbed his cock and convinced him to do his part. So he started by sucking on her big fat bbw tits. Playing with her chubby belly, the fun got taken inside where this hot blonde plumper started to suck him off. An intense blowjob was followed by some hardcore fucking. The sex in this scene is great! Tons of positions and moaning to be sure to get your rocks off. Don’t you wish she was cooking for you?

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Dinner For One, Sex For Two

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Scarlett wants real food: cheeseburgers, fries and soda. She wants it so bad that her mouth is watering before she and her boyfriend even get to the drive-through. It’s a miracle there’s even any food left by the time they get back to her place. Scarlett’s guy starts feeding her and the way he puts those huge burgers in her mouth turns her on. She digs in, savoring every bit of meat, tomato and cheese. And just as her taste buds are tingling with pleasure, so is her pussy. Soon, Scarlett is taking turns chewing the beef and sucking his sausage. But her guy is understanding. He lets Scarlett’s mouth get a break from all the work by fucking her tits. And the whole time Scarlett is getting her rack and pussy pounded, she’s munching away on her two big burgers. Big girl, big appetite!

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Filling her pussy with cock

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There’s no soft and gentle action when this babe gets some cock in her aching love hole. She only wants her fucking to come hard and rough and that’s just the way she gets it in the dirty action we’ve got for you here.


Winona is one hot bitch and knowing that you’re gonna see this made her fuck even harder so come on in and watch the slut in action.

Butter Her Biscuits

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Some girls go crazy for chocolate and ice cream, but Bailey is more of a hearty eater. She’d rather clean a plate full of greasy fried chicken and soft biscuits than eat a bowl of Haagen Dazs. ‘Salty, greasy food is my weakness,’ she said. ‘I think you can tell a lot about a girl by the way she eats. Those chicks who are into candy and chocolate are more dainty than I am. And I think when they get fucked they want it more gently. Me? I eat like a man and I like to get fucked hard. I’m not afraid to get messy when I eat and I’m sure not afraid to get messy when I fuck. In fact, I encourage guys to cover me with as much cum as possible.’

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British BBW Bonanza

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Amber Hall is back at it again. This hot blonde bbw babe loves big black dick. Her big round natural boobies and tight pussy get real excited when black cock is around. Her British accent adds to her sexiness as she strips down and shows off those plumper curves. Then when the dick arrives, she shoves it in her mouth and wraps her lips around it to suck it with some great blowjob skills. She then gets her hot chubby pussy fucked til she cums over and over. Intense hardcore interracial sex action here fellas. Enjoy!

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Naughty or Nice?

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BBW Glory Foxx proved that even naughty girls can get more than a lump of coal. On her visit to Santa she charmed him with her big 44Ds and sultry ass as she worked his cock with her mouth and breasts. Santa could barely keep his beard on! After getting the holiday sex of a life time (and probably the best way to end the year), she got her just desserts of cum ‘n eggnog. Naughty has apparently become the new nice on the list.

Glory Foxxx


Donuts & Dick

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Forget the boring, monotonous workouts on gym machines. Allysa and Kandi would rather eat donuts and get their workout from riding a big cock. ‘I had been working out for so long I felt exhausted,’ said Kandi. ‘But after I ate a donuts I had all my energy back and I was ready to fuck. I’m glad I had Allysa there with me, too. She’s my workout buddy, but she also a great partner to have in a three-way. She loves dick as much as I do and she’s perfectly willing to share it.’

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Selena Castro, Latina Beauty

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DAMN this Spanish mami looking fine! Selena Castro is looking fucking gorgeous in her bikini, with her huge tits and smoking hot ass. And just when you think it can’t get any better, she starts sucking dick like a fucking champ. Her tits look fucking great as they bounce around while she’s moaning things that got me ready to cum! If you’re still waiting to watch Selena get that fucking hot jizz all over her tits, I don’t know what else to say man! CLICK THAT LINK!

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Alarm Charm

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The voluptuous Vanessa Blake answered the door and encountered an alarm salesman. He wanted to know if she was interested in a snazzy new alarm system. She wasn’t as interested in what he was selling as much as she was in what he was packing in his pants. A big black cock was what she had in mind. So he gets invited in and taken for a tour of the house, to see where the installations would take place. In the bedroom, her big round fat juicy ass cheeks were falling out of her shorts. This hot young plumper babe was sealing the deal. She quickly undid his belt and got to sucking on his big dick. This hot chubby lady then got her tight pussy fucked! I’m talking about rammed. Hot hardcore interracial sex scene here. Enjoy!

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Big Brown Booty

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If you don’t know by now, you better ask somebody. Stacey Sweets is easily one of the hottest Nubian BBWs around. One look at her huge brown ass cheeks, thick lips, or big juicy titties and you won’t be able to deny her. So for today’s update, we took a minimalist approach and decided for the shoot to be Stacey, a big dick, the camera, a blow up pool and a whole shitload of sexy plumper banging. Not one you wanna miss.

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If you don’t know by now, you better ask somebody. Stacey Sweets is easily one of the hottest nubian BBWs around.


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